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Ulitsa Shchipok, 22, bldg. 1, Moscow

3.3km from the center of Moscow
682m from the subway station Serpukhovskaya
Room in this hotel

Mezhdunarodnoye Shosse 1а, Khimki

26.8km from the center of Moscow
Room in this hotel

Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, 9, Moscow

911m from the center of Moscow
438m from the subway station Arbatskaya (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya)
Room in this hotel

Maly Gnezdnikovsky pereulok, d.9, stroyeniye 1, Moscow

1.4km from the center of Moscow
237m from the subway station Tverskaya
Room in this hotel

Lubyanskij proezd, 7/1, Moscow

1km from the center of Moscow
186m from the subway station Lubyanka
Room in this hotel

Russia, Moscow, Strastnoy Boulevard, 2, Moscow

1.7km from the center of Moscow
94m from the subway station Tverskaya
Room in this hotel

Vel'yaminovskaya ulitsa, 34, Moscow

7.5km from the center of Moscow
275m from the subway station Semyonovskaya
Room in this hotel

Leningradskij prospekt 35, bldg.2, Moscow

6km from the center of Moscow
378m from the subway station Petrovsky Park
Room in this hotel

Tverskaya street 3, Moscow

704m from the center of Moscow
174m from the subway station Okhotny Ryad
Room in this hotel

ulitsa Vil'gel'ma Pika, 16, Moscow

10.4km from the center of Moscow
196m from the subway station Botanichesky Sad (Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya)
Room in this hotel

Leningradskiy Prospekt 31 A bldg 1, Moscow

5km from the center of Moscow
743m from the subway station Dinamo
Room in this hotel

Kartamazovo village, Kievskaya Street, 4, Kartmazovo

20.6km from the center of Moscow
1.8km from the subway station Filatov Lug
Room in this hotel

ulitsa Kolpakova, 44, Mytishchi

20.1km from the center of Moscow
Room in this hotel

Gostinichnaya ulitsa, 1, Moscow

10.3km from the center of Moscow
589m from the subway station Okruzhnaya (Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya)
Room in this hotel

Isakovo Village, 13, Moscow

29.3km from the center of Moscow
Room in this hotel

Russia, Moscow, Botanicheskaya Street, 33Vs1, Moscow

10.1km from the center of Moscow
595m from the subway station Petrovsko-Razumovskaya
Room in this hotel

ulitsa Bolshaya Tulskaya 2, Moscow

4.7km from the center of Moscow
122m from the subway station Tulskaya
Room in this hotel

Bol'shoj Suharevskij pereulok 25, bldg.2, Moscow

2.3km from the center of Moscow
166m from the subway station Sukharevskaya
Room in this hotel

ulitsa Bolshaya Semenovskaya 32, bldg. 3, Moscow

6.5km from the center of Moscow
175m from the subway station Elektrozavodskaya (Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya)
Room in this hotel

ulitsa Borisa Pasternaka, 10, Rasskazovka

22.6km from the center of Moscow
1km from the subway station Rasskazovka
Room in this hotel